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Ways To Give to Monadnock Family Services
We would be honored to count you among the many whose gifts to Monadnock Community Services are an enduring legacy to the well-being and vitality of so many children, families, and adults in our community.
 Opportunity & Hope Capital Campaign
With your help, Opportunity and Hope: The Campaign for MFS will support a project that will transform the Antioch University, Avon St. campus into a welcoming, purpose-built, high-quality healthcare facility housing all MFS Keene-based programs, benefiting MFS clients, staff, and the community for decades to come.

  The Best is Yet to Come

  As the region’s largest and only state-designated community mental health center providing state-of-the-art mental health services, we know that the future will demand more and more from MFS. Working together under one roof will create greater shared purpose and cohesion among staff and programs for the good of its clients. And the cost of owning, occupying, and maintaining this one building is lower than owning and renting four different locations. Clients will be greeted with an environment that is attractive, welcoming, and specifically designed for MFS services, that sends a message of healing, happiness, and recovery. Our new building will provide ample space for programs that complement our clinical work like expressive arts therapy and yoga and will allow for an expanded on-site pharmacy for clients. 

We are hopeful that with Antioch University of New England (ANE) leasing space for some time, MFS can work in close collaboration with their psychological and human service academic departments. The building will also allow for more creative relationships with other organizations that will benefit the community.

  Ruth Ewing Family Match

  Starting in 1959 through to her passing in 2014, Ruth Ewing was a leader and generous supporter of MFS. She was instrumental in moving the organization from a volunteer charitable service to a modern mental health counseling agency, with her impact still being felt today.

The Ruth Ewing Family Match serves to honor that legacy. Because of a generous donation from the Ewing family, every gift given to our Opportunity and Hope Capital Campaign through June 30th (the end of the MFS fiscal year) will be matched dollar for dollar up to $45,000! 

For more information on MFS’ capital campaign, please contact Kathy Waters at 603-338-0052 or

 Annual Fund
Tim’s Story of Hope
When you support our annual fund, you help bring transformative mental health services to people like Tim. By the time Tim was 18, he couldn’t even enter his own home after his brain convinced itself that everything around him – all facets of life — were nothing but danger. Preferring the perceived safety of a van in his parents’ driveway where he would live, his world became smaller and smaller, and his distress more and more severe.
“One morning in September,” his mother told us, “he just left and I had to let him go.” She would get fleeting bits of information about her son from time to time, and letters she would send him would always come back unopened. In those years, Tim’s struggle with his illness was a private battle. “I was so terrified that I didn’t even want to take my trash out for fear that my family would find me,” he says. Fortunately, however, another mystery of the mind is our innate capacity for survival and the drive for health.
It was this motivation that the talented and compassionate staff at Monadnock Family Services painstakingly, gently, and patiently helped Tim discover and trust. Tim had finally found the help he needed. With an enduring message of hope, validation, support, and the right treatments, our team of case managers, therapists, and medical professionals helped Tim find the path to recovery and the return to his family.
Looking back, Tim now sees that this inward desert of feelings was why he would only wear white clothing, from head to toe, at all times, because it was empty of color. When that didn’t work, he switched his wardrobe to all black. Today, like a breath-taking sunrise, Tim’s life is blossoming with step-by-step progress, success, and color. As the symptoms of illness retreat, the signs of health and healing are unmistakable – warm bonds with his family, friendships, a new car, and daily activities once impossible are now commonplace.
Thank you for helping us bring hope and healing to people across the Monadnock region.
Annual Fund
Capital Campaign
Legacy Giving
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